Math 170/171: Independent Study

You have signed up for either Math 170 or Math 171 as an Independent Study.

For many of you, independent study may be a new experience. It takes a dedicated student to successfully complete an independent study. An independent study course is one where the student studies the material on their own, and contacts the instructor if they have questions. You must set aside study time on a daily basis if you wish to succeed in this course.

My office hour is between 12:00 and 12:50, Monday through Thursday, and you are welcome to come and meet with me during those times. If you are unable to meet during those times, please 875-7211, ext 490 call to set up an appointment which is convenient for you. You may also contact me via email at: Other information can be found on the world wide web at

You will be required to take seven exams during the course of the semester. You may take these at any time between June 10, 1996 and August 2, 1996. Depending on the time that is convenient for you, these tests may be placed in the testing center or administered by the instructor. I do ask for two days notice before you take the exam so I can make sure it is ready.

Homework is not required, nor is it graded. However, many of the problems on the exam are either directly from the textbook or very similar to problems in the textbook. It is urged that you work as many problems as you can, and you get help on the problems that you can't get worked out correctly.

There will be 700 points in the semester. A break-down of the points, as well as the number of points needed for each letter grade, is available in a table which is suitable for keeping track of your grade.

There is a schedule which I will be using for the in-class students, you are welcome to use this schedule as a guideline when creating your schedule. This schedule will contain links to study guides for each of the chapter tests. If you get ahead of me, and are ready to take an exam before I have a study guide for it, then look at the study guides for the Spring 1996 semester as they will be similar.

Each of the exams are meant to be one hour exams with the exception of the finals. You may, however, wish to give yourself extra time in case you need it. You may use your calculators on all exams, and are required to on some of the exams. Many of the problems that will appear on the exam require the use of one of the calculator programs that I have written. These programs may be obtained from the instructor, and instructions on using them are contained on the web.