Math 170: Quiz 1


This quiz is part of the first exam and is worth 20 points.

You are encouraged to work in groups of up to three students. Turn in one paper per group, not one paper per student. Include the names of all people in the group on the paper.

This quiz is due the day after the in-class exam. However, I urge you strongly to complete it before the in-class exam as it will help with the problems on the in-class exam.

You will need access to the world wide web to complete this portion of the exam.

You may include printouts from the world wide web as part of your quiz -- you do not need to rewrite all the information (although you may).

All information here can be found at the Illinois Community College Board under the system resources they have made available.


We will be considering the 1994 Fall Full-Time Student Enrollment for the Illinois Community College System. Note: Full-Time Student Enrollments qualifies as type of enrollment.

  1. Print a listing of all 49 Illinois Community Colleges and number each Community College in alphabetical order (the order they are on the printout). (3 pts)
  2. Generate ten unique random numbers between 1 and 49. Write the formula used on the calculator to generate the numbers. (1 pt)
  3. Write down the name and full-time enrollment for each college associated with the ten numbers generated in step 2. (3 pts)
  4. Enter the number of full-time students into your calculator and give the following statistics:
    1. Mean (1 pt)
    2. Standard Deviation (1 pt)
    3. Median (1 pt)
    4. Range (1 pt)
    5. Midrange (1 pt)
    6. InterQuartile Range (1 pt)
    7. Outliers (if there are any) (2 pt)
    8. Lower Hinge and Upper Hinge (2 pts)
    9. Draw a Box and Whiskers plot (2 pts)
  5. Identify the type of sampling used in this quiz (1 pt)