Final II: Study Guide

  1. Find a myriad of sample statistics. The data will be available from the instructor as a list. Be sure you know how to set up the statistics mode on the calculator as it won't be list 1. This data will be used elsewhere on the exam.
  2. Find a confidence interval for the population mean.
  3. Test a claim about the mean of a single population.
  4. Find a confidence interval for the population standard deviation.
  5. Test a claim about the standard deviation of a single population.
  6. Regression Analysis: Draw a scatter plot, compute the correlation coefficient, that the hypotheses, test the hypotheses, determine the equation of the regression line, plot the regression line on the scatter plot, summarize the results, estimate the dependent variable for a given value of the independent variable.
  7. Simulation problem. Be sure you know how to generate random number on the calculator.
  8. Perform a chi-square goodness of fit test.
  9. Perform a one-way analysis of variance.
  10. Find binomial probabilities and approximate using the normal distribution.
  11. Work a probability problem involving a tree diagram and joint probability distribution. Answer certain questions based on the joint pdf.
  12. Give the conclusion for a test you've never seen based on the p-value.

There is a page at the end of the exam that contains the data sets and instructions for several of the problems. In the past, several students have not noticed the page and wondered what the questions were asking. Look through the entire test before beginning.

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