James Jones

James Jones - General Information

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
C223 - located in the Occupational / Technical Career Programs West office complex. (Formerly known as the Industrial Technology and Mathematics division.)
217 875-7211, ext 490 (automated system)
217 875-7200, ext 490 (operator assisted)
217 875-6965, fax
Web Address:
Email Address:
Office Hours:
We are not required to hold office hours during the summer term. However, I will generally be available right after noon if anyone needs me.
Teaching Schedule:
I am in class during these times. All of my classes meet in S137. You might try to catch me before, after, or between classes if you can't find me in my office. I generally do not come back to my office between consecutive classes.
         Time          MON        TUE        WED        THU        FRI
     -----------     --------   --------   --------   --------   --------
      8:00- 9:50     Math 160   Math 160   Math 160   Math 160
     10:00-11:50     Math 113   Math 113   Math 113   Math 113

Education / Experience:
I graduated Richland Community College with an A.S. degree with a Mathematics concentration. I then went to Eastern Illinois University where I received a B.A. in Mathematics with the Teacher Certification option. I joined the R.C.C. staff immediately after receiving my B.A. as the Study Assistance Center Coordinator and Adjunct Mathematics Faculty. I held both jobs for three years and continued my education at Sangamon State University. I became a conditional full-time Mathematics Instructor in August 1992 pending the completion of my Master's degree. I received my M.A. in Mathematical Sciences from Sangamon State University in May 1993. I received tenure at Richland in 1995. I received a promotion to Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Spring 1996 semester.
I am taking a course in statistical computing this summer at the University of Illinois at Springfield.
I am a member of the Illinois Mathematics Association of Community Colleges.
I have the extra duty assignment as the Internet Systems Specialist for the College. Among other things, this means I am responsible for keeping the Internet up and going at Richland.
Height is 186.69 cm if I stand up straight, but call myself 185.42 cm since I never stand up straight.
Mass is about 83.01 kg, but I don't have scales to verify.
Eye color is blue, when not red from lack of sleep.
My temperament is melancholy with about equal parts of phlegmatic and choleric, but very little sanguine.
My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ISTP - Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception. Internally, I tend to be ISTJ.
I like to play the piano. Actually, I would like to be able to play the piano [correctly].
I'm back from my vacation to Florida and the Bahamas. I needed to get away more than I thought I did. For all those interested in whether I had fun or not, let me say that I had more fun than I thought I would. Of course, when you go with the notion that you're not going to have any fun whatsoever, things can only get better and you can never be disappointed.
If you want to know anything else about me, feel free to ask. I may not answer, but that shouldn't stop you from asking.