PIE Program

The TI-82 doesn't support pie charts directly as it does with scatterplots, box plots, and histograms.

Place the frequencies or relative frequencies in List 1. If the List 1 is empty or the sum of list 1 is zero, then you are instructed to put the frequencies in list 1.

Turn off any graphs that may be on before running the PIE program. Otherwise, the graphs will overlay the pie chart and it will take longer to draw.

The program will ask the user if they wish to place the labels on the graph. If the user enters 1 for yes, then the values in List 1 will be placed in the graph. This is where the difference between frequencies or relative frequencies appear.

This program will force the calculator into radian mode and turn the axes off, zoom standard and then zoom square. It will then draw a circle and proceed to draw the lines which define the pie graph.

To reset the graphing screen to normal when done viewing the pie chart, you need to:

  3. MODE DEGREE -Depending on your use, Leaving it in Radian mode may be preferred