TI-82: Goodness-of-Fit

You can perform a chi-square goodness-of-fit test using the TI-82. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the observed frequencies into List 1.
  2. Enter the expected frequencies into List 2.
    1. If you're given the expected frequencies, enter them into List 2.
    2. If you're given probabilities, then enter the probabilities into List 2 and multiply List 2 by the sum of List 1 and replace List 2 with that product: sum L1 * L2 -> L2
    3. If you're testing that all categories appear with equal frequency, then you can a) enter that value into List 2, or b) enter the total frequency into each value of List 2 and then divide the list by the number of categories: L2 / k -> L2 (replace k by the number of categories), or c) enter 1 for each value in List 2 and then multiply the list by the common expected frequency: L2 * E -> L2 (replace E by the expected frequency)
  3. Calculate the test statistic: sum ((L1 - L2)^2 / L2)