TI-82: Correlation / Regression

See the instructions on using the calculator to do statistics and lists. This provides an overview as well as some helpful advice for working with statistics on the calculator.

Calculating Values

  1. Enter the data. Put the x-values into list 1 and the y-values into list 2.
  2. Go into the Stats, Calc, Setup screen
  3. Setup the 2-Var Stats so that: Xlist = L1, Ylist = L2, Freq = 1
  4. Calculate the Linear Regression (ax+b) (#5)

This screen will give you the sample linear correlation coefficient, r; the slope of the regression equation, a; and the y-intercept of the regression equation, b.

Just record the value of r.

To write the regression equation, replace the values of a and b into the equation "y-hat = ax+b".

To find the coefficient of determination, square r. You can find the variable r under VARS, STATS, EQ, r (#6).