TWOWAY Program

Performs a two-way Analysis of Variance with replication. Matrix [A] must contain the data. Replications are performed using multiple rows. That is, each treatment group must be contained within a single column but spread across many rows. Each treatment group must have the same number of samples in it.

When the program is ran, it will ask you to verify the data is properly entered. You may transpose the matrix at this point if you need to, but realize the transpose is saved back to matrix [A], so you will not need to transpose again. You are then asked for the number of replications. This is the number of samples in each block.

The summary table for the two-way ANOVA is displayed with the sum of squares, degrees of freedom, and mean squares given for factor R (row), factor C (column), the interaction, and within groups. The total sum of squares and degrees of freedom is also given. The F test statistics are given for factor R, factor C, and the interaction group.