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I am a Decatur native who has spent most of my adult life elsewhere, either as a U. S. Naval Officer or while completing graduate study in English Literature. During my 21 year naval career, I lived in Virginia, Bermuda, Texas, California, Hawaii, Washington State, and Washington, D. C., as well as visiting many "exotic" foreign ports throughout the world. Nonetheless, in 1992, I happily returned to my native Decatur to finish my doctoral dissertation, after completing my graduate research at the University of Oxford, England. I received my Doctoral Degree in English Studies, with a speciality in British Romanticism, in 2004. I am excited with my teaching responsibilities and opportunities at Richland Community College; I particularly enjoy the varied teaching options available at community colleges, and I am especially gratified to be working with the richly-diverse Richland student body.

On the personal level, I enjoy antiquarian book collecting, classic films, running, and golf. I have two sons, Sean and Jeff, and one daughter, LeAnne, all of whom live in Decatur.

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