Math 113 - Introduction to Applied Statistics

Calendar of Events
Schedule of exams. Study guides for exams can be found here.
Classroom Activities
Copies of the handouts, collected data, and other miscellaneous information regarding the classroom activities.
Technology Exercises
Copies of the handouts and instructions for how to complete the technology problems.
One Minute Feedback
Take a minute at the end of class and fill out a quick survey letting me know what you feel the main point of the lesson was and the one thing that was least clear to you.
Feedback on the Feedback
As time permits, I'll write up a better explanation of the concepts that are most confusing as indicated by the one-minute feedbacks. These may include explanations or extra practice problems.
Statistical Demonstrations
This is a collection of websites that demonstrate statistical concepts. We will use some of these at different points during the semester.
Semester Project [PDF]
Group project where you decide upon your own topic and perform some inferential statistics. This project will occur during the second half of the semester.
Course Syllabus [PDF]
Online version of course syllabus.
Grade Sheet [PDF]
Keep track of your scores
Mathematical Notation [PDF only]
This is a sequence of five documents for you to create using your favorite full-featured word processor. The object is to learn to use proper notation and also learn some statistics along the way. There is an Acrobat PDF handout detailing how to use the equation editor.
Daily Calendar [PDF only]
Complete calendar including activities, due dates, exams, and lecture schedule. This document requires the Adobe Acrobat reader.
Video Series
There is a video tape series that presents much of the material we will be covering in an exciting, sometimes eccentric, manner. You may wish to watch these as a means of reinforcing what you've heard in class or read in your book. Do not follow the suggested viewing on this page, it goes with the old textbook.
Lecture Notes
These online lecture notes were written for the old textbook (Triola) and will not correspond to the new textbook (De Veaux). For that reason, they will be of limited use for my classes, but many people on the Internet still find them useful.
Links to Statistical Information
Here is a brief listing of articles, lists, and other information I've found on the web.
This is a project I wrote for an ICTCM short course in May 2002. It explains the different kinds of simulation and allows you to perform some simulations online. This corresponds to the material in chapter 11 of the text. This simulation requires MS Internet Explorer. The Javascript will not work with Netscape Navigator.
Analysis of Variance
Your printed textbook doesn't contain information on multiple regression or the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). This is a project I wrote for an ICTCM short course in August 2004. It explains the different types of ANOVA and allows offers different assessment techniques to help you learn and understand them.
TI-82 / TI-83 Programs and Instructions
Instructions for using the TI-82 or TI-83 graphing calculator.
Information about Instructor
Information including office hours, education, interests, etc.

Note: All Internet access from within the College may be monitored. Using the Internet during exams is prohibited except when specifically instructed otherwise. I consider such usage to be cheating and as such is subject to the academic dishonesty policy of the College. I can identify web pages visited and who visited them.