Minitab Notes for Activity 6

Performing the Hypothesis Test (Questions 13-14)

  1. Go to Stat / Basic Statistics / 1 Proportion
  2. Click the Summarized Data radio button
  3. Enter the number of trials (n) and successes (x). Note, Minitab calls successes "events".
  4. Click Options
    1. The confidence level is the complement of the signficance level.
    2. The test proportion is the value claimed in the null hypothesis
    3. Check to make sure the alternative hypothesis is set correctly (see question 9)
    4. Always check the box to base the test and interval on the normal distribution (note that Minitab may complain about a small sample size, but we're not getting into non-parametric hypothesis testing at this point, so we're going to force the normal approximation).
  5. Click OK