Math 113 - Technology Project 1

Exploring and Understanding Data

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We are going to look at the opening weekend box office gross receipts for major (if it didn't open in at least 2000 theaters or be in the top 10 grossing movies on opening weekend, then we won't consider it to be major) movies. Follow the Minitab instructions under the technology exercises link on the website to collect the information and for help finishing the report.

  1. Fully describe the data collected using the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How (if appropriate) as covered in chapter 2 of the text.
  2. Display the categorical data for the "critic", "yahoo", and "rating" variables. Use a frequency table, bar chart, and pie chart (you pick which one to use with which variable).
  3. Create a box plot of the number of theaters showing a movie, broken down by the MPAA rating of the movie.
  4. Numerically describe the opening weekend gross and number of theaters showing the movie.
  5. Create a normal probability plot for the opening weekend gross. Tell about whether or not the data appear normal?
  6. Make a scatter plot of the weekend gross (y) vs the number of theaters (x).
  7. Perform regression analysis with the weekend gross as the response (y) variable and the number of theaters as the predictor (x) variable.