Math 116 - College Algebra

Calendar [PDF]
Schedule of exams. Study guides for exams can be found here. The PDF version includes the scheduled lecture material.
Check Your Grades
Check your grades throughout the semester and keep track of your progress in the course. You will need to use your NetID and password to access this.
Course Syllabus [PDF]
Online version of course syllabus.
Homework Assignments [PDF]
Per section listing of homework assignments.
Grade Sheet [PDF]
Keep track of your scores.
Mathematical Notation [PDF only]
This is a sequence of seven, one-page documents for you to create using your favorite full-featured word processor. The object is to learn to use proper notation and also learn some algebra along the way. Instructions and demonstration videos on how to use the Equation Editor are available.
Graphing Assignments [PDF only]
There are seven, one-page documents that you are to create using Word and Winplot and email to the instructor.
TI-82 Usage Notes
Some instructions on using the TI-82 or TI-83 calculator.
Lecture Notes
Highlights from each section. These lecture notes are for the third edition of the text, but they should still be useful for the fourth edition.
Mathematical Software
Find links to some of the software that is available to use as a Richland student. You must be a current student to view this page as some of the software is licensed only for our students.
DVDs are available for this course in the library. They are useful if you miss a class or want another explanation.
Practice Exams
Sample exams from the Spring 2003 semester. Current enrollment in the course and a password is required to access this information. Please note that the chapter numbering has changed slightly with the new edition of the text and some of the exams are combined since it is an evening course.
Classroom Handouts
PDF versions of handouts given in class.
Information about Instructor
Information including office hours, education, interests, etc.