Math 121 - Technology Exercises

Technology Instructions

You are to create the documents in the instructions and email them to the instructor at before the exam over that material. These projects may be worked in pairs. Submit one document per team with both names on it. You may not work with the same partner for these technology projects more than twice. You may work alone only once.

There are example solutions below. You must use different problems than the examples. When asked to create a problem, you should not use one from the textbook.

Technology Exercise Problems

Example Technology Exercises

These are examples of the kind of projects I'm looking for. I have changed the problems from what you're asked to do. These are actually PDF files, but you should email me Word, Maxima, or Winplot files.

Important Note about Maxima Examples

Do not simply copy the examples from the Maxima examples without understanding what they do. What you are seeing is the end result of a process. Things like rhs() and [1] are added after the fact to restrict part of the results. For example, I may have used [1] because I want the first solution, but you may want [3] to get the third solution instead. The point is, you won't know until you have the solutions, so you can't put the [1] in there ahead of time. Another example is the use of the float() function. It's useful when Maxima gives you a really complicated answer or you need an approximation, but in cases where there is a nice answer like 3π/2, just leave it that way.

There may be some exams where you're allowed to use Maxima. This is definitely true if you take additional Calculus courses. If all you ever do is copy the examples or let your partner do the work, you're going to be hurting when those times come.