Math 113 - Introduction to Applied Statistics

Math 113 Wiki
Most of the activity within the course will take place within this wiki. You must be enrolled in Math 113 to gain access.
Homework Exercises
These are the homework exercises for the class. They are due before the scheduled start of class on the day of the exam. A PDF version of the homework instructions is available but the actual problems are done online. You must be enrolled to gain access to the homework problems.
Check Your Grades
Check your grades throughout the semester and keep track of your progress in the course. You will need to use your NetID and password to access this.
Calendar [PDF version of calendar]
Calendar of lecture material and exams. Study guides for exams can be found here.
Course Syllabus [PDF version of syllabus]
The course syllabus. There is also a shortened version [PDF] containing the highlights from the syllabus.
Grade Sheet [PDF version of grade sheet]
Keep track of your scores.
Student Concerns [PDF version of student concerns]
This document is meant to address some of the frustrations and concerns that previous students have experienced in the class. Hopefully by being aware of the issues ahead of time, you can take steps to minimize or alleviate those issues.
Practice Exams
These are sample exams from the Fall 2007 semester. They will give you an idea of the kind of questions I might ask, but you should rely on the study guide more than the practice exams. You must be currently enrolled in the class to gain access.
Mathematical Software
Find links to some of the software that is available to use as a Richland student. You must be a current student to view this page as some of the software is licensed only for our students.
Probability Distribution Calculator
This calculator will find critical values or areas for the standard normal, t, chi-square, and F distributions.
Statistical Demonstrations
This is a collection of websites that demonstrate statistical concepts. We will use some of these at different points during the semester.
Skills Needed [PDF only]
This is a document that explains the skills and proficiences that you need coming into this course to be successful. If you don't have these skills then please talk to the instructor about the best course of action or additional resources to help bring yourself up to speed.
Minitab Quick Reference Guide [PDF version of Minitab Guide]
This is a quick guide to the Minitab commands we'll use and they unit where they'll be introduced.
Information about Instructor
Information including office hours, education, interests, etc.

Miscellaneous Material

Statistical Tables [PDF]
These are copies of the statistical tables that we'll be using in class. These are slightly different than those in your book, but will be what you will be given on the exams to use.
Video Series
There is a video tape series that presents much of the material we will be covering in an exciting, sometimes eccentric, manner. You may wish to watch these as a means of reinforcing what you've heard in class or read in your book. The video tapes are a summary of the course, they are not geared to your textbook.
This is a project I wrote for an ICTCM short course in May 2002. It explains the different kinds of simulation and allows you to perform some simulations online. This simulation requires MS Internet Explorer. The Javascript will not work with Netscape Navigator.
Hypothesis Testing Assessment
This page contains Flash animations to help you review the Hypothesis testing material. There are 30 definitions and 60 multiple choice questions available.
Analysis of Variance
Your printed textbook doesn't contain information on multiple regression or the two-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). This is a project I wrote for an ICTCM short course in August 2004. It explains the different types of ANOVA and allows offers different assessment techniques to help you learn and understand them.

Other Resources

The following resources are either out of date or not maintained and so you may not find them as useful as the links above.

Lecture Notes
These online lecture notes were written for an older edition of Triola's Elementary Statistics textbook and the chapter numbers will not match those with our current textbook. The link here is provided mainly as a reference.
TI-82 / TI-83 Programs and Instructions
Instructions for using the TI-82 or TI-83 graphing calculator with statistics. We no longer emphasize the graphing calculator, so this link isn't recommended.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics Website
This is a link to author's website although the site mainly contains corrections to the first edition of the book so you may not find it that useful.