Math 113 - Student Concerns

This page was developed to address student feedback about the course. Students were asked what information they would share with students taking the course in the future. This document addresses some of their more vocal concerns.

Students say that they don't have time to get work done in class.
This is college and class time is generally not provided for completing assignments. You will be expected to spend time outside of class working on projects, doing homework, and studying. You may need to make adjustments to your schedule to allow time for school work.
Students say, "I don't have time to work on the projects outside of class, so I have to work on them while you're lecturing. I can't pay attention to what you're saying because I'm working on the projects. Either I do the projects or I pay attention, but I can't do both."
Rent Minitab! You are saving the cost of a $100+ textbook by taking this class. Spend the $30 to rent Minitab if you don't have time to work on your projects at school. If you rent Minitab and buy the optional textbook, you're still out $50, less than half the price of a regular textbook for this class. You can rent Minitab from (be sure to use your Richland email).
Students say, "There's no place to use Minitab except for the classroom."
The classroom is one place that Minitab is installed. However, it is also installed in the Student Learning Center (S117) and the open computer lab in the library (the small lab behind the computers on the left when you first walk in). If those don't work for you, then rent it (see previous note).
Students say, "I hate group work. Some students don't do any work and still get all of the points. Others procrastinate and I have to do it all because I care about my grade. It's not fair." Still other students say, "When I went to work on it the day it was due, my partner, with her type A personality, had already finished the whole thing. Then she claims I didn't do anything and doesn't want to give me any points. It's not fair."
I agree, group work is not fair. But it is realistic of what you're going to encounter in work and life. And it really sucks when someone who hasn't done jack is given the credit for your hard work. There are usually two sides to every story with the truth somewhere in-between. Most of the time that there are problems and frustrations in a group, it's because of a lack of communication between the group members. Those students who truly don't participate usually do badly on the exams (because they haven't been doing the work to learn the material) and while they may not lose points directly for the group project, they do end up paying the price for their inaction somewhere else.
Students say, "Drop the points for contributing to the wiki."
This is a participation grade for helping better the class. This is also an individual grade, so those who "don't do anything" aren't rewarded.