Math 230 - Differential Equations

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Differential Equations Wiki
This is an interactive site for you to add notes, ask and answer questions, work out problems, etc.
Check Your Grades
Check your grades throughout the semester and keep track of your progress in the course. You will need to use your NetID and password to access this.
Calendar [PDF]
Calendar of lecture material and exams. Study guides for exams can be found here.
Course Syllabus [PDF]
The course syllabus. There is also a shortened version [PDF] containing the highlights from the syllabus.
Homework Assignments [PDF]
Per section listing of homework assignments.
Mathematical Notation [PDF only]
This series of assignments is to use a word processor to create a document containing formulas. Instructions and demonstration videos on how to use the Equation Editor are available.
Laplace Transforms [PDF only]
This is a summary of the common Laplace transforms from chapter 7.
Mathematical Software
Find links to some of the software that is available to use as a Richland student. You must be a current student to view this page as some of the software is licensed only for our students.
Grade Sheet [PDF]
Keep track of your scores.
Information about Instructor
Information including office hours, education, interests, etc.