Statdisk Notes for Activity 8

Finding the test statistic and p-value (Questions 8, 9, 19, and 20)

Find the test statistic by hand using the table, use this as a check.

  1. Enter the observed frequencies into column 1
  2. Choose Analysis / Multinomial Experiments / Equal Expected Frequencies
  3. Click Evaluate

The test statistic, critical value, and p-value are given. The contents of the table used to find the values are not.

Finding the p-value without making the table (Questions 9 & 20)

The chi-square goodness of fit test is a right tail test, so the p-value is the area to the right of the test statistic.

  1. Choose Analysis / Probability Distributions / Chi-square distribution
  2. Enter the degrees of freedom
  3. Enter the test statistic for the Chi Sq Value
  4. Leave the area to the right of the chi-sq value blank since that's what we're trying to find
  5. Click Evaluate