Math 113 - Classroom Activities

This is an applied statistics class. The are several classroom activities that we will be doing throughout the semester. This page contains those activities and instructions for helping you complete them with Minitab.

The completed activity sheet is due two class periods after the activity occurs. Specific dates are listed on the calendar. Late work may be submitted, but the activities lose 20% of their value (2 points) for each class period they are late.

These activities are worth 10 points each, but if you are not in class to participate in an activity, the maximum you can receive for that activity is 5 points.

Activity 1 - Probabilities (Poker Chips)

Activity 2 - Craps

Activity 3 - Central Limit Theorem (Rolling dice)

Activity 4 - Starbursts

Activity 5 - M&M's

Activity 6 - The Great Popoff

Activity 7 - Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate

Activity 8 - Fair Dice?

Activity 9 - Paper Towel Absorption

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